Eni Iljazi


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I am an incoming Economics PhD student at UPenn Wharton. I am currently a Research Associate at the Development Data Lab (DDL). Prior to joining DDL, I was a Predoctoral Fellow in Economics at Yale University’s Tobin Center for Economic Policy. I received my MSc Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Research Interests

“I like dense cities best and care about them most”. 1

I am an urban and labor economist, interested in improving housing affordability and making cities more efficient labor markets.

In the context of developed cities, I want to better understand how land-use regulations impact residential sorting and their aggregate effects on labor market efficiency and quality of matches. Specifically, I am interested in quantifying potential losses in agglomeration effects caused by insufficient housing supply in highly-productive cities.

The second part of my urban economics research agenda is centered around designing policies to help developing cities best respond to rapidly increasing urban populations. I am interested in creating a framework through which to analyze tradeoffs between redevelopment and slum upgrading, focusing on residents’ labor market outcomes.

1 Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities